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Why Ceasefire

World class fire solutions. Unmatched Trade Partner support.

With our 360-degree holistically integrated, globally certified firefighting product portfolio, we at Ceasefire have had a tradition of opening up the market opportunities for our Trade Partners in a big way. Being a manufacturer, we bring our product solutions to your market straight from our production facility with absolute confidence on our quality. 

What's more is that we hand-hold our Trade Partners to grow along. We have an extremely comprehensive support module worked out for our partners to be able to truly take advantage of the Ceasefire eco-system and lead in the market place. A number of facilities & services are designed to give our partners a platform to gather knowledge and use the Ceasefire market experience to their advantage.


Most extensive range of fire extinguishers

Ceasefire’s range of extinguishers offer an unmatched length and depth. From Core Range Extinguishers including ABC Powder, Water, Foam & CO2 to Specialized Extinguishers including Clean Agent, Watermist, Foammist, Compressed Air Foam, Wet Chemical and Extinguishers for domestic use, the range is the most comprehensive ever.

This range today conform to highest quality standards incliuding AS/NZS 1841/4265, EN-3-7/1866, BSI Australia, PED, LPCB, MED and more.

Full spectrum suppression solutions

Ceasefire today offers an extensive range of fire suppression systems to suit the needs of every kind of premises. The range comprises of solutions ranging from Room Suppression Systems like Fluoroketone (FK) based Suppression System and Retrofittable Ceiling Mounted Suppression System, to Cabinet Fire Systems like the In-panel Tube based Fire Suppression Systems and Ceasefire Mini - Micro Environment Fire Suppression to fire-proof small spaces that are vulnerable to catching fire.

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Kitchen fire suppression range like no other 

Ceasefire today offers an integrated range of kitchen fire suppression systems and fire extinguishers to suit the needs of every kind of a kitchen, be it a commercial one or domestic.


The range includes UL Listed Wet chemical Based Kitchen Suppression System, LPCB Certified Watermist & Wetchemical Based Systems for Commercial Kitchens,  BSI tested systems for Domestic Kitchens and a host of hand-held extinguishers for kitchen fire protection.

Design & estimation support that saves you cost overheads

A flagship support offering from Ceasefire to its trade partners comes in the form of Ceasefire Design Cell that offers design and estimation support to customise Ceasefire fire systems for their customers. Detailed drawings and bill of quantitY (BOQ) are shared with trade partners basis inputs received from them. 


The Ceasefire Design Cell comprises of expert engineers, designers and draftsmen who are well-versed with latest design tools and softwares to offer unmatched support to trade partners by offering customised designs for every fire system and saves cost overheads for them.

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Installation and Maintenance training

A full-fledged Learning & Development team from Ceasefire, comprising of expert trainers, LMS professionals and subject mater specialists, come to stand at the disposal of the Ceasefire Trade Partners for training them on installation and maintenance of Ceasefire fire systems. .


At Ceasefire we make sure every new partner is brought up to speed on every aspect of the Ceasefire products and Selling processes through specialised training softwares and live workshops.



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