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  • The rapid development of technology has led to the widespread adoption of lithium-ion batteries in more ways than one.

    While these batteries have revolutionised the way we power our modern world and have become increasingly ingrained inour daily routines , finding applications in laptops, smar t phones, tablets, electric vehicles, and more, these also pose a fire risk that needs an all new approach to firefighting.


    On one hand, where lithium-ion batteries boast numerous advantages, including high energy density, extended durability, and swift recharging capabilities.

    These batteries also contain flammable electrolytes, making them susceptible to thermal runaway and potential ignition when subjected to physical damage, overcharging, or manufacturing defects.

    Fires in batteries pose such a tremendous challenge that all conventional methods of firefighting fail to address this challenge.


    Risks Associated With Lithium-ion Batteries


    Fire: Lithium-ion batteries can catch fire if they are damaged, overcharged, or short-circuited.


    Thermal runaway: This can result from overcharging, over-discharging, or overheating li-ion batteries during use/recharge.


    Toxic fumes: Lithium-ion batteries can release toxic fumes if they are damaged or burned.


    Environmental impact: Lithium-ion batteries are not environmentally friendly to produce or dispose of.




    The distinctive characteristics of fires involving lithium-ion batteries demand specialised firefighting solutions as these fires have a heightened potential for re-ignition.


    Traditional fire fighting methods may prove ineffective in dealing with such incidents which stem from the fact that lithium-ion batteries house inflammable electrolytes, which can react with water or foam, potentially exacerbating the situation.


    What's needed is a solution that not only rapidly cools the affected area but also provides a protective blanketing effect over the batteries, preventing re-ignition.


    Ceasefire offers the most effective solution for combating such fires.


    Specifically engineered for Lithium-Ion Battery fires, Ceasefire li-ion battery fire extinguishersprovide a versatile and comprehensive fire extinguishing capability.


    Our water-based agent not only swiftly and effectively combats lithium battery fires but also stands out as an environmentally conscious choice. Engineered to rapidly cool and encapsulate the flames, this biodegradable agent with no PFOS / PFAS minimises damage to the surrounding environment.


    Ceasefire Lithium-ion Battery Fire Extinguishers that come in 500 ml, 1 ltr, 2 ltr , 3 ltr, 6 ltr, 9 ltr & 50 Ltr are also user-friendly, making them well-suited for both residential and commercial use.

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